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There Is Hope
at the Foot of the Cross

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Dutch Adventist Leader Changed Malaysia Airline Ticket
at Last Minute


Say Cheeeeese!
We are pleased to announce...read here
Immanuel Church has a very interesting
web-page for World Wide News.
To read,
clik here
 Here you can read the Messenger 2014

     “If we won’t invest in the digital world, we will be left in the same spot as Kodak, which invented the digital camera but refused to embrace changing realities and now is virtually gone," said Robert Lemon, General Conference treasurer and a board member at both Review and Herald and Pacific Press.
     “It’s the same with many other things. I get a hard copy of the Sabbath school study guide at home, but I use the app on my iPhone.  -  read here
      Ted N.C. Wilson, the Word Adventist Church President urged church members to rally “to the great opportunity of sharing Adventist evangelistic and nurturing materials in both printed and digital form as we anticipate Christ’s soon return.”read here


The EASTER Program
Immanuel Church April 2014


Welcome to Russian Speaking Group of Immanuel Church

The Romanian Seventh-Day Adventist Web-Page - Toronto, ON

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