Ha Rim Ji


I would like to welcome everyone to Immanuel SDA Church. Here at Immanuel SDA Church, we are all part of God’s family, united in belief, worship, and in mission. I’m Ha Rim Ji, the Assistant Pastor of Immanuel SDA Church. I have been serving as the Assistant Pastor of Immanuel SDA Church since May 2023.

I was born in Seoul, South Korea, to a pastor’s family. I had the experience of serving as a member of the “Golden Angels,” a full-time music missionary group in the Northern Asia-Pacific Division. I have completed my BA in Religious Studies from Burman University, located in Lacombe, Alberta. Throughout my life, I had the privilege to travel to many different countries and to live in six different countries across three continents. My exposure to various peoples and cultures allowed me to become a curious and diligent learner in whatever place or situation I may be in. And still, I am in this unending journey of learning to become God’s faithful servant that serves His Church and His people.

Please feel free to reach out and to join us in our worship services and various church programs here at Immanuel SDA Church!